This site uses Omine javascript to mine Monero cryptocurrency in the browser of contributing visitors. Your CPU is tasked with creating value that Wikileaks can use to pay for evidence of war crimes; like the bombing of hospitals.

Feel free bookmark it, set it as your start page, convince your friends to run it as much as they can, etc. Omine keeps 2% of mined currency. The people behind this site keep nothing. Once 0.1 XMR has been generated it is automatically donated to Wikileaks at: 453VWT5GEkXGc2J9asRpXpRkjoCGKCJr96rndm2VMe5yECiAcUB3h8pFxZ8YGbmbGmVefwWHPXmLR69Vw1sVNWz5TsFqYbK